Indicators of Psychic Ability in Your Natal Chart.


Alright. Get your astrological charts out. It’s time to have some fun!


Today’s post is all about intuitive indicators in your natal chart. That’s right, there are aspects that position you to be more sensitive to higher dimensional energy. By examining your chart with these in mind you can get a deeper understanding of how you work intuitively.

Generally, you are going to want to pay special attention to how the Moon, Neptune, and Uranus are positioned in your chart. They tell you how you relate to your intuition, or how it is going to naturally be flowing for you. Each of these planets connects our consciousness to the higher dimensions in their own unique way. Often, these aspects manifest as having raw abilities from birth or a magnetic interest and passion that allows you to develop your intuition during your life.

It is true that certain signs stand out more than others when it comes to intuition. Pisces, Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio, and Cancer come to mind, however, it should be noted that all signs have equal intuitive potential— they simply express it differently. The most accurate way to analyze your chart is to begin by considering the fact that all signs have their own intuitive filters and their own ways of accessing and expressing source.


For Example:


Water Intuition


Emotions are going to be a vehicle for intuition if you have a lot of water in your chart or if the Moon and Neptune are in strong positions. This may make you an empath, which means that you will have the ability to feel and hold the energy of others, not unlike how water holds and reflects energy. A heavy water influence is also going to make you a natural connector and conductor of spiritual energy. Your life purpose may involve reminding people of how interconnected we all are because the feeling is so visceral. You feel the spirit world all the time, you know the rhythm behind consciousness and are always translating it into art, which is the gentlest way to digest spiritual information.


Air Intuition


Mental energy is going to be a strong vein for your intuition if you find yourself with prominent air energy in your chart. This airy influence is going to make you claircognizant, meaning that you have a very clear and innate “knowing” about things when there is no Earthly reason.  You may also find yourself drawn to being a spiritual teacher as communicating and translating spiritual energy may be very natural for you. Intuitively you are very motivated to understand exactly how things work in metaphysics. You want to be a bridge between the complex multi-dimensions of spirit and the dense, grounded 3D world.


Fire Intuition


Fire energy is going to give you good instincts, as fire is lightening-fast. Fiery individuals are the ones who can sense and work with incredible raw energy of spirit without needing to step it down or transform it. They will bring forward raw creative ideas, prophetic insights, and have an uncanny ability to inspire and motivate others. Their life purpose may involve innovating new ways to do things, helping others stay motivated and on purpose, and keeping things honest through their strong fiery, purifying energy. As fire is motivated by the feelings of vast, raw energy, it may be easy and natural for you to access cosmic energy through the infinite, openness of space. You may be comfortable connecting with beings that are not Earth-based, which represent the next level of consciousness. (Fire is always pioneering or leading, even when it comes to tapping in psychically).


Earth Intuition


If you hold a lot of Earth in your chart, you will likely make a great medium. You may find it very easy to tap into deceased loved ones that are just beyond the Earth’s veil and wanting to bring through their Earth-based experiences to validate their existence or give a message. You also may find yourself being a physical empath, meaning that you physically feel other people’s aches, pains, or ailments. You may also have a strong ability to command matter and be a natural hands-on healer. You also may be drawn to shamanic practices or nature-based religions. The Earth itself can feel like a temple to you— it may heal you and connect you to your spirit.


Now that we understand how intuition is going to flow through the elements, it’s time to get specific. This long list of aspects following is not my work. I have simply gathered these from several sources (on and offline) and included them here for ease of use. I have listed all sources at the end of this post.


I have also tried to organize them, but I’m not a Virgo, soooooo…




Houses and Intuition:


The Water houses (4th, 8th, 12th) are traditionally associated with intuitive abilities as they are. The 12th house is the most obvious one.


The 8th House represents the entrance to the next dimension, rules the psychic senses and out-of-body experiences. The 8th house rules psychic levels. People with planets in this house have often brought over a legacy of sensitivity to invisible currents. If the planets in this house are afflicted, the individual has been involved in misuse of psychic faculties, particularly if Mars is afflicted by Neptune or in this house.


9th House: intuition, inspiration, spiritual visions. Indicates higher levels of consciousness as to both mind and emotion. (See above for deeper explanation of higher consciousness). Planets in their fall or detriment show misuse of their energies, whereas rulers and exalted ones show wise use of their energy.


12th House: most psychically permeable. Serve or suffer is the motto of the 12th house.


 Planets and Intuition:


The planets that are related to psychic ability are Uranus, representing sudden insights; Neptune, which represents universal impulses; Mercury, which is representative of the ability to clearly articulate, and the Moon, which is the ultimate physic sponge.






Moon Intuitive in:

Taurus: intuitive

Cancer: strong psychic ability. Cancer is a psychic sign.

Virgo: intuitive

Aquarius: intuitive

Pisces: visionary, mystical if not afflicted. Needs other characteristics in chart to be reliable.


Moon Intuitive in Houses:

4th: intuitive

8th: very psychic

9th: dreams and visions can be of great significance if not heavily afflicted; receptivity toward the super conscious realms

12th: psychic, intuitive and subjective


Moon Conjunct Neptune: mystical, intuitive type, and a very psychic nature. “When Neptune is harmoniously linked to the luminaries in the chart of a person who can respond to its higher rays, it can bestow gifts of a clairvoyant and clairaudient nature.” (558, Oken Complete Astrology). Mystical, but not very practical, unless there are other indicators in the chart.


Moon Sextile Neptune: These individuals have the opportunity to use their sensitivity to vibrations in the world around them. Because of this attunement, they are vulnerable to the negative thoughts generated around them and should learn to transform this negativity into love energy, through the power of their mind.


Moon Trine Neptune: keen psychic sensitivity; so psychic they are susceptible to emotional atmosphere around them and they react strongly. “When Neptune is harmoniously linked to the luminaries in the chart of a person who can respond to its higher rays, it can bestow gifts of a clairvoyant and clairaudient nature.” (558, Oken).



Moon Conjunct Uranus: strong intuition


Moon Sextile Uranus: There is an opportunity to bring unusual ideas and concepts into fruition. They have keen intuitive powers with an alert mind.


Moon Trine Uranus: keen intuition; in advanced types, would possess great healing power.


Moon Sextile Pluto: There is an opportunity to be fulfilled emotionally if they transform the negative traits of their conscious mind’s personality. They are very sensitive psychically and use this ability to understand others.


Moon Trine Pluto: They are very sensitive psychically and use it to understand others.




Sun Intuitive in:

Cancer: extremely psychic

Scorpio: intuition is well developed

Pisces: psychic sensitivity

Aquarius: sign of spiritual rebirth

Sagittarius: has the ability to see the future by their understanding of current trends of thought, and their insights border on prophecy. Keyword is perception, another word for intuition.


Sun Conjunct Uranus: very intuitive


Sun Sextile Uranus: There is an opportunity to awaken an awareness of the inner-self. This person is original, independent and highly intuitive.



Sun Trine Uranus: strong magnetic healing force and strongly intuitive person


Sun Conjunct Neptune: psychically sensitive; mystically inclined, not an easy person to understand for they do not understand themselves. Alan Oken: “When Neptune is harmoniously linked to the luminaries in the chart of a person who can respond to its higher rays, it can bestow gifts of a clairvoyant and clairaudient nature” (558, Oken).


Sun Sextile Neptune: There is an opportunity to tap into the inner wisdom stored in the super-conscious mind. This wisdom was learned in former lifetimes. Developing this ability will help bring ideas, inspiration and artistic potential from the inner mind to successful fruition.


Sun Trine Neptune: extremely sensitive to inner currents and is by nature a mystic. If employed in the medical field would provide healing powers. “When Neptune is harmoniously linked to the luminaries in the chart of a person who can respond to its higher rays, it can bestow gifts of a clairvoyant and clairaudient nature” (558, Oken).


Sun Trine Pluto: This aspect brings courage and intuitive perception, with the desire to strip away all self-delusion so that the personality and soul can become one.




Mercury as an evening star (meaning that it rises after the sun) indicates a calm mind, sensitivity, thus a greater connection to intuition.


Mercury Intuitive in:

Cancer: extremely psychic

Scorpio: an intuitive mind capable of profound insights

Pisces: psychic and visionary type of mind, highly intuitive and telepathic on the unconscious level

Aquarius: intuitive

Sagittarius: can have prophetic insights


Mercury’s Intuitive in:

9th: (if favorably positioned), especially if it aspects Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, can give prophetic insight into the future.

12th: perceptive, intuitive and subtle mind; absorbs knowledge intuitively; if well positioned, especially by sextiles or trines to Neptune, Uranus or Pluto, valuable ideas and knowledge may be gained through intuitive or psychic ability.


Mercury Conjunct Uranus: All aspects between Mercury and Uranus are good for they tune the conscious mind to the Universal Mind. Uranus tunes the mind to a higher octave and speeds up the perception while quickening the intuition. “When Mercury is joined with the three outer bodies (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), it acts as a link between the rational faculties and the intuition (Uranus), psychic vision or impressions (Neptune), and the various transcendental processes at work in life (Pluto).”


Mercury Sextile Uranus: There is the opportunity to probe the unconscious mind, bringing forth new insights and concepts. The mind readily absorbs knowledge and is strongly intuitive.


Mercury Trine Uranus: denotes the advanced soul. Trine: Has an inward feeling of what is right for him to do. His intuitions make his decisions for him, and he is not afraid to trust them.


Mercury Conjunct Neptune: highly intuitive and receives psychic impressions from others, which they find confusing until they learn to discern exactly what the vibration represents. E.g., sorrow and fear.


Mercury Sextile Neptune: There is an opportunity to tap the unconscious mind. These individuals are sensitive to the higher realms. Tapping into the unconscious can be done in dreams or by meditating.


Mercury Trine Neptune: aptitude for psychic and mystical fields; can benefit from dreams and visions; has ability to contact higher planes of consciousness in sleep and in meditation, and bring instruction through to the conscious mind.


Mercury Sextile Pluto: there is an opportunity to analyze all situations with logic and intuition.


Mercury Trine Pluto: In other lifetimes, these individuals have begun the work of balancing their logic and their intuition, giving them an unusual ability to study any subject in depth.




Venus Intuitive in:

Sagittarius: good intuition

Pisces: extremely psychic


Venus Conjunct Neptune: psychically sensitive, mystical and spiritual tendencies in the chart of an advanced soul


Venus Sextile Neptune: sixth sense (intuition) is strong


Venus Trine Neptune: sixth sense strong. Intuition is sixth sense.





Mars Intuitive in:

Cancer: intuitive, sensitive

Libra: intuitive mind

Pisces: intuitive


Mars Conjunct Uranus: highly intuitive with psychic healing powers


Mars Trine Uranus: has an intuitive awareness that tells them when to stop in the face of resistance. Possesses healing power and genius


Mars Sextile Neptune: has the opportunity to work with psychic forces and be in no danger from any adverse influences



Mars Trine Neptune: can work with psychic forces and be in no danger from any adverse influences. Earned increment in the spiritual bankbook from other lives.


Mars Trine Pluto: There is a strong interest in occult studies that is often accompanied by an unusual amount of ability in these areas.




Jupiter Intuitive in:

Sagittarius: prophetic and inspirational

Aquarius: intuitive

Pisces: visionary and intuitive


Jupiter’s Intuitive in Houses:

3rd: intuition strong

8th: psychic abilities)

9th: prophetic and strong intuition

11th: intuitive


Jupiter Conjunct Uranus: intuition and judgment work hand in hand if Mars and Mercury do not afflict this aspect. Intuitive powers should be trusted and acted upon if not afflicted by Neptune.


Jupiter Sextile Uranus: this aspect is a spiritual blessing earned in other lifetimes.


Jupiter Trine Uranus: this aspect is a spiritual blessing earned in other lifetimes.


Jupiter Conjunct Neptune: may have a strong mystical streak and will always be closely connected with spirituality and religion.


Jupiter Sextile Neptune: opportunity to follow inner leading, to be intuitive and psychic; these abilities must be developed to become a reality.


Jupiter Trine Neptune: intuitive and psychic, and should follow inner leading; can be mystical and drawn to religious and philosophical groups.




Saturn Intuitive in:

Cancer: psychic tendencies strong


Saturn Intuitive in Houses:

8th: in sextile or trine aspect only


Saturn Sextile Neptune: brings in the opportunity for spiritual power and philosophical understanding, but must be used frequently to be activated. Often found in charts of those who could be initiates in this lifetime.


Saturn Trine Neptune: brings in spiritual power and philosophical understanding; often found in charts of those who could be initiates in this lifetime.




Uranus represents intuition that comes in a flash like lightening. Uranus is the occultist.


Uranus Intuitive in:

Virgo: need to learn to listen to their intuition; interest in psychic healing

Sagittarius: intuitive, prophetic, and optimistic

Aquarius: interest in metaphysical

Pisces: psychic, intuitive, and extremely sensitive. When well positioned with Neptune, will be indicative of advanced soul who has come to serve the planet in some philosophical or religious way. This brings into incarnation the spiritually intuitive people who are able to grasp firsthand knowledge of spiritual truths.


Uranus’ Intuitive Houses:

8th: very strong psychic feeling as well as keen intuition

12th: if afflicted, investigating into psychic or occult could bring trouble


Uranus Sextile Neptune: opportunity for becoming intuitive with psychic potential


Uranus Trine Neptune: in other lifetimes, have worked toward tapping their unconscious minds and elevating their consciousness. Because of this, they are idealistic, with a desire to alter the materialistic concepts they see in the world. They are extremely tolerant of others’ philosophies, and are very intuitive, possessing great psychic potential. Intuition gives them the ability to know things but not why they know, which can frustrate intelligent people who lack this ability. Intelligent people know why they know.


Uranus Conjunct Neptune: (1993). Spiritual mysticism and strong intuitive awareness are common traits that existed on continent of Mu, and the scientific abilities that existed on Atlantis. Earth has gone through a deep purification so only spiritually advanced souls will be incarnating on earth.


Uranus Square Neptune: can give psychic and intuitive powers


Uranus Oppose Neptune: gives intuitive awareness and psychic potential


Uranus Sextile Pluto: opportunity to elevate consciousness through spiritual aspirations; very intuitive with psychic potential


Uranus Trine Pluto: in other lifetimes have worked toward tapping their unconscious minds and elevating their consciousness; very intuitive with psychic potential. Their latent clairvoyant abilities can be developed if they wish. Their intuition is highly developed and used to create a better understanding among all peoples.


Unaspected Uranus (to another Planet): According to Bil Tierney in Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, “…When unaspected, Higher Octave planets (Uranus / Neptune / Pluto) are going to either operate in an exclusively unconscious fashion, with occasional spurts of unpredictable and unusual behavior, or perhaps not at all, remaining totally latent on the character-level, and thus projected onto people and situations. Yet, for some individuals, for unknown reasons, an unaspected Higher Octave (Uranus, in this example) could indicate extraordinary capacity far beyond average human expression, almost as if these people are constantly plugged into unlimited sources of cosmic power. With ordinary people, when unaspected, Uranus becomes almost self-contained and independent of outside social influence. It tends to be less driven to inaugurate breakthroughs in the outer world environment in the more open, rebellious manner of a heavily aspected Uranus. Flashes of genius or sparks of intuition may be specifically felt in the house area, where the individual can feel quite unique and unmatched, for better or worse.” (I believe this applies to Crystal Children and has been included for that reason).




Neptune Intuitive in:

Taurus (1874-1887): Psychic phenomena was either accepted or rejected, after careful and practical consideration. Has the capacity to heal others through the use of their mind (E.g., Edgar Cayce)

Cancer (1901-1915): extremely intuitive and sensitive

Scorpio (1957-1970): intuitive; interest in metaphysical world, many psychics and sensitives are born with this configuration.

Virgo: ability to heal psychically; when well positioned have become humanitarians and servers working to reduce tensions in human relationships.

Sagittarius (1970-1985): prophetic with an ability to develop clairvoyance. Gives psychic sensitivity that will foster the ability to pierce the veils of matter and know Truths. Intuitive nature will be highly developed.

Capricorn (1985-2000): strong intuition that will be used in practical affairs. Many advanced souls will come into incarnation.

Gemini: extremely psychic

Aquarius (2000-2015): interest in psychic phenomena, spiritual revelation and altered forms of consciousness; assumes an eclectic, adventurous, intuitive and original tone. Connection to subconscious wisdom is fuelled by an energy that is inspirational and visionary. It is difficult to overemphasize the creative potential of self-development, spiritual interests, mysticism, and psychic phenomena.

Pisces (2015-2030): mystical, with the desire to be in an expanded state of consciousness; capable of attaining harmony between the physical and the spiritual world. They will have a complete unification of the five bodies (physical, etheric, conscious, subconscious and super-conscious.


Neptune Retrograde: there is an intuitive awareness of the subconscious mind, but difficulty in tuning in to it consciously.


Neptune’s Intuitive Houses:


1st: psychic sensitivity is very strong; visionary, artistic, hypersensitive; psychic sensitivity could bring confusion until person seeks spiritual evolvement

2nd: psychic sensitivity can be used to tap into inner talents

3rd: intuitive, ESP gives clairvoyance, psychic skills

8th: psychic and intuitive with dreams and visions that are precognitive, astral and out-of-body experiences

9th: makes a person mystical, and if well positioned, can have spiritual visions; makes the intangible extremely nebulous when it is already nebulous enough; intuitive

Neptune in the 10th house (preferably trine the moon in the seventh or third houses) produces high psychic ability.

12th: stress on subconscious due to extreme sensitivity; reflective and intuitive; have psychic abilities that operate unconsciously and the person may or may not be aware of it


Neptune-Mercury combinations allow one to make sense of subconscious messages. This can be connected to Mercury in the 12th house, Neptune in the 3rd house, and when planets are in a positive aspect.


Neptune Conjunct Pluto: very great sensitivity to the inner worlds; uncanny ability to see through people and circumstances, if willing to sacrifice self to Higher Self can be led to heights of spiritual attainment. Advancement along spiritual lines can be greatly accelerated in company of other like-minded people.


Neptune Sextile Pluto: there is an opportunity to use your psychic abilities for the benefit of humanity; can develop clairvoyance & prophetic abilities; ability to have precognitive dreams. Strong psychic healing powers; desire for justice for all people. Abhor violence or anything that might degrade or oppress another person or animal.


Neptune in Square or Opposition: can give psychic and intuitive powers but can become the dark occultist if he/she uses power for Self. Have attained spirituality in other lifetimes but have lost their equilibrium through not balancing their emotional or devotional fanaticism with mental poise and logic.


Unaspected Neptune (to another planet): according to Bil, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, “…When unaspected, Higher Octave planets (Uranus / Neptune / Pluto) are going to either operate in an exclusively unconscious fashion, with occasional spurts of unpredictable and unusual behavior, or perhaps not at all, remaining totally latent on the character-level, and thus projected onto people and situations. Yet, for some individuals, for unknown reasons, unaspected Higher Octave (Neptune, in this example) could indicate extraordinary capacity far beyond average human expression, almost as if these people are constantly plugged into unlimited sources of cosmic power. (For ordinary people, brackets, mine) Neptune tends towards withdrawal, seclusion and privacy. It prefers to remain absorbed in the inner worlds of consciousness and has a harder time adjusting itself to manifesting in concrete, solid terms. The more aspects it has, the more likely it is to be challenged to manifest itself through external experience, regardless of the level or quality shown.”




Pluto Intuitive In:

Sagittarius (prophetic): stimulates prophetic abilities and faith in human nature.

Scorpio: (1984-1996): strong intuition. Many born with great psychic ability already developed.


Pluto’s Intuitive Houses:


4th: intuitive faculties good

8th: strong Intuition; if well positioned to Neptune and Mars, native may be clairvoyant

19th: intuitive; may be clairvoyant (can bring with it a higher sense of perception and clairvoyance that stems from a much higher level of consciousness).

12th: Pluto here in its highest form means an individual possesses the willingness to be a channel to help those who are limited and afflicted.


 North Node:


The North Node is the path of spiritual growth, and represents “new territory, spiritually.” As such, it is known as the path to spiritual growth. It is what we are working on now, what we are balancing from our past (south node).


North Node Intuitive In:


North Node in Cancer: Psychic abilities are strong in Cancer, so psychic abilities can be developed in this lifetime, if desired. When the student is ready, the (spiritual) teacher appears

North Node in Scorpio: Psychic abilities can be developed in this lifetime, if there are at least three other positive (excluding squares and oppositions to Neptune and Uranus) psychic indicators in the chart to support it. When the student is ready, the (spiritual) teacher appears

North Node in Pisces: Psychic abilities are to be developed in this lifetime, if there are at least three other psychic indicators (excluding squares and oppositions to Neptune and Uranus) in chart to support it. When the student is ready, the (spiritual) teacher appears.


North Node in 8th House: Opens the door to the psychic world; to out-of-body experiences; access to the astral world, if three or more other psychic, intuitive indicators are shown in the chart

North Node in 9th House: Opens the door to prophetic, mystical visionary-types of experiences if three or more other intuitive, psychic indicators are present in the chart.

North Node in 12th House: Often indicates unconscious intuitive, psychic abilities available in this incarnation, but may be difficult to access or recognize in this house. This is the house of the unconscious mind, karma from past lives brought into this one, and solitary confinement by choice or not.


North Node Trine Uranus: These individuals will attract spiritual teachers, from “the Other Side” , who they have been close to in other lifetimes and who have taught them to tap their unconscious minds.


North Node Conjunct Neptune: The power of this conjunction will attract spiritual teachers perhaps from The Other Side who can teach them how to hear and see into the astral world.


North Node Sextile Neptune: There is an opportunity for spiritual teachers to enter their lives who can teach them how to hear and see into the astral world.


North Node Trine Neptune: These individuals will attract spiritual teachers who they have been close to in other lifetimes and who have taught them how to hear and see into the astral world.


South Node:


Prominent energy and lessons in past Lives. The South Node represents “where we’ve been, what we’ve learned and brought with us into this incarnation, for better or worse.


South Node Intuitive In:


Cancer: Born psychic from past life

Scorpio: Born psychic from past life

Pisces: Born psychic from past life

8th House: (Looks like a Capital U with circles at the ends. Opposite the North Node, which looks like an upside-down capital U, with small circles at the ends) indicates psychic, mediumistic, astral or out-of-body abilities; abilities were developed in a past life and are available, * if not afflicted , especially to Uranus or Neptune.

9th House: In South Node, indicates prophetic, mystic, or visionary abilities were developed in a past life and available in this lifetime, *if not afflicted, especially to Uranus or Neptune.

12th House: Gives unconscious psychic ability. It is a carry-over from a past life, and often karmic. Other indicators should be in chart to develop psychic gifts in this lifetime, # excluding squares or oppositions to Neptune and Uranus.


South Node Conjunct Neptune: The power of this conjunction will attract karmic situations that will enable them to hear and see into the astral world.


South Node Sextile Neptune: There is an opportunity for karmic situations to occur which enables the person to hear and see into the astral world.


South Node Trine Neptune: These individuals willingly attract karmic situations to occur which will enable them to see and hear into the astral world.


South Node Oppose Neptune: An awareness should be developed that karmic situations must, and will, occur for the purpose of dissolving their fear of the unknown, by enabling them to hear and see into the astral world.




Ascendant/Descendant: A line of self-awareness and intuition.


Midheaven Conjunct Neptune: Can become a success in society by utilizing their psychic abilities.


Ascendant Conjunct Neptune: Psychic and intuitive.


Ascendant Sextile Neptune: (Opportunity to become) Psychic and intuitive.


Ascendant Trine Neptune: Psychic and intuitive.



      Interesting Tid-Bits to Consider:



Mystic Rectangle: Pulls the energies of the separate planets together so that they operate as one unit.

Mystic Rectangle with Uranus or Neptune: Pulls the energies of the separate planets together so that they operate as one unit. Incorporates your intuitive abilities if Uranus is one of the planets, and your psychic, mediumistic abilities if it is Neptune.


Kite Formation: the Focal Point of the Kite collects the energies of the other planets involved. All of this energy is then focused and channeled through this one focal planet’s qualities. Because of its power, it can become a focal point of the personality. It is a grand trine, with a sextile aspect connecting to each side of one of its three points. This is called the focal point, or point of the Kite. This focal point is also part of an internal opposition that creates a “tail” for the kite formation. The opposition acts as an internal balancing rod, so that the energy/qualities of the planetary kite tail of the opposition are used to push the energies of the focal planet into action. The type of actions taken, how the kite affects the native, depends on the planets, houses, signs, etc involved in the formation. I use the Moon’s Nodes, and the Asc/Desc, MC/IC axes to form the kite formation.


Kite Formation with Uranus or Neptune as point of kite: Adds an intuitive (Uranus) or psychic (Neptune) energy to the kite’s actions. If one of these is the focal planet, then it is most likely that the native would be expressing his/her intuitive / psychic abilities in the outer world, or at least be consciously using them for soul growth for him/herself.



Grand Trine: A pattern formed by three planets in a triangle of the same element. In this case, it is the Water element, which is known as the Psychic Trinity. These energies are in harmony with each other so that they bring the harmony and ease in the houses and matters that the planets represent.


Grand Water Trine: Psychic energy, if used.

Grand Trine including Uranus: Psychic and intuitive abilities strong

Grand Trine Including Neptune: Psychic abilities strong



Oppositions & Spiritual Development: Keyword is awareness. Oppositions are opposing forces that must be reconciled. They call for co-operation. Opposing forces come from outside as well as inside, and often involve other people. It calls for compromise. They can cause you to be pulled apart by two contrary pulls, but like two poles of a battery, one may also be illumined by the spark flowing from pole to pole. Awareness causes consciousness to expand and develop. Solution: Learn to agree with your adversary while you are in the way with him. (Astrology: A Cosmic Science., pg. 71)


Sextile: Sextiles are underlined to indicate potential or opportunity. They must be activated or they will not operate. (Astrology: A cosmic Science, pg. 71) This is an aspect that denotes potential or opportunity for development in this lifetime, and differs from the trine which indicates that the ability has already been developed in past life times and is available for use in



Astral or out-of-body experiences relates to the 8th house and Scorpio


Square: Keyword is obstacle. Squares represent the lessons we have failed to learn. The quickest way to release ourselves from these difficulties is to face them and solve them. (Astrology: A Cosmic Science, pg. 72).


Trine: Trines are the harmonies we have earned; the blessings that come when we love and love wisely. Trines throw a protective influence. Benefits that come without effort and without any activity on the part of the individual concerned. They are the results of constructive service and harmonious actions in other lifetimes. (Astrology: A Cosmic Science, pg. 71.)


New Age egos will have Uranus, not Aquarius, prominently located (in 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th house, or have it configured with the Sun, Moon or Mercury.) Indicates the person has passed the test of Saturn.







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    There’s more to it. The harmonic aspects, from 1-12 can lay out a unique way to access our intuitive abilities and our best way to express them. Many aspects like quintiles, sesquiquadrates, septiles, and noviles led us exactly where trines, conjunctions and sextiles don’t look. They aren’t unaspected… but if you don’t grasp them they can work against you or even for you unintentionally. Once you’ve learned the house system’s meanings, they become secondary to the harmonic aspects. There’s no such thing as unaspected, or good or bad aspects. It’s all about seeing yourself… Unedited with all your unique vibrations. Just an opinion… 🙂

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    A friend who was into natal charts once told me, i have some psychic thing in my chart…I thought she had a name for it…like a star ,or pyramid in my chart? Im ok with basic horoscope stuff, sun, moon, rising…beyond that forget it for me….So is there something like a formation with things that points to being Psychic, called a star or pyramid in your chart??? Or even another name?

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    I have 3 grand trines (kite formations)
    1) moon/mercury/uranus in 4th/8th/12th houses in air signs. Apex point my MC axis (opp.moon).
    2) asc/lilith/saturn in 1st(what else?)/5th/9th houses in water signs. Here is the DC the apex
    3) anti-vertex/jupiter/mc in 2nd/5th/10th in fire signs. The moon as apex in 4th house.
    I, also, have a mystic rectagle with Neptune/Mars/Sun/Pluto in 1st-2nd/5th/7th/11th houses (Nept120°Mars/mars60°Sun/Sun120°Pluto/ nept60°pluto like all of us since the ’40s.). Sun opp. Nept & Mars opp. Pluto.
    Note: Sun trine Pluto in a natal chart is avery-very strong aspect and healer aspect too.
    I have yod(s) which is/are the formation(s) called the finger of God.
    There are 3 types of degrees (150°/60°/150°), (144°/72°/144°) & (135°/90°/135°) the last is the most difficult one since all the aspects are “prodaction” of squares. My asc (scorpio)/mars (aries)/sun(gemini) is my “easy” yod (the 2nd type). My north node (sagi)/jupiter(aries)/ saturn(cancer) is my “hard-to-die” yod (the 3rd type).
    Note: quintile (72°) and bi-quintile (72*2=144°) are the aspects of secret talents and divine protection, (for good or for bad). Quincunx (150°) -for me- is one of worst. If i meat a person with A LOT of complex usual he/she have more than 3 quincunx(s) in his/her natal chart. Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto are the worst case senario tomajor complex issues, for the person.
    In this aspects i use 3° orb max. So my Saturn bi-quintile (144°) my Neptune(0°orb). My Moon quintile (72°) my Neptune(2°orb). Also my Moon (144°) my Saturn (0° orb.).
    Note: ANY ASPECT Moon/Saturn and/ or Moon/Pluto even the good ones are hard aspects. Are very heavy for the mind and the soul.
    So my 3rd yod is a tricky one.
    Nothing in astrology is a clear Black or White. I have see persons with the “super-douper-pooper” lacky Jupiter to be the worst person ever. Realy bad characters without reason. But karma is a b…!
    My chart is a study case. I know (somehow) that i have had many past lifes, and i have many “lessons” to get AND give from and to others. Sometimes i just “know-things”. I realy do. I can “see” things way ahead of my time in my life.
    A friend of mine once, ask me to “see” the health of a woman (old friend of hers) for Cancer. I told her that it was a combo of bad diet, bytamins and no food-and worst habbit issues that she have had the last months, but NO Cancer. I never meet this woman. She alive and well. She never had Cancer. She is a very-very stupid and self-center person and that’s all.
    About two months later, my friend told me, that, i was right for this woman, and she was shocked (my friend) from my prediction and my “medium-istic” skills. She told me to use this tallent as a job. I can’t do it.
    This happened 3 years ago. About 25 years before i had “cured” an other friend of mine with a very bad flu, low, fever ect (you know the symptoms), i have done to her a mildle head massage for 1,5 hour. After that she was good as new. I have never took any lessons or seminars (of some king) for that. I just “know” things…
    May i was a medicine-doctor (or a crazy magician-anything is possible)in an other life.
    After all we are star dust! We have a speak of universe in us.

    P.S. Please someone tell me what the Saturn test is?

  10. English Roberts

    So, I have a ton of these aspects (including that last 4th house Uranus conjunct the Sun! Neato), and I feel like I need help maximizing all of this potential. My chart is chock effing full of sextiles (semi-sextiles, are they the same or different?). Thank you for all the insight! Makes me feel hopeful and inspired. This lifetime definitely has potential, despite some major hardships from the past to get over (Scorpio South Node has its blessings, though, eh?). I thought it was cool that my north node house is also in there(9th). I’m studying my nodes tonight and had fun thinking about my soul’s purpose for all of this fun stuff. (: Thanks very much

  11. Missy

    So many of these match my natal chart and Uranus is unaspected in my chart. I mean every one of them I have the sign and the most intuitive house except for my sun sign… even most of the sextiles conjuncts and tribes matched up. Thank you for this.

  12. Sara

    my son started going crazy w religious like praying around age 3 all the way until around 5. If I ever said, I need to dye my hair, he would turn his head down w his little hands whispering quietly w a very scared face ” i don’t want to die, etc etc” If I said the word, let’s go to Bondi beach, same thing, the DI part at the end of the name used to make him do the weird praying move. We are a family of Athiests, so it’s not like he has ever seen praying by anyone. He was so sensitive by any MENTION of DIE ( as in DEATH) in any way, shape or form. He has stopped now, but he is a different sort of kid. Extremely charming and bright, very inclusive of others, very high EQ, very poetic, very popular, specially w girls, HORRIBLE in athletics or anything physical or aggressive, is very SLOW w his movements ( will NEVER even pass the initial test of any military or cadet) though he is very boy and confident and masculine and sure of it all in other aspects of life. Is there anything in his chart that matches the descriptions above? Should i worry? He has, Sag Sun ( 10th house), Scorpio moon (8th house), Pisces Ascendant, Leo Mars ( 6th house), Mercury in Cap ( 10th house), Jupiter in Aquarius (12th house), Venus in Sag (9th house), Saturn in Libra (7th house), Uranus in Pisces (1st house), Neptune in Aquarius (12th house), Pluto in Capricorn ( 10th house), MC in sag

    • Adie

      wow. I am also a Sag Sun and Scorpio moon and suffer(ed) from bad health anxiety/ hypochondria.
      What helped me was understanding that we never die. And that who we are on this earth is the only that dies.

      • Johanneke

        Im also a Sag sun/ Scorp moon…. had a rough time as a kid… teachers thought I was a bit “slow” as in basically stupid, horrible motoric skills, last pikked in gym class etc etc

        Turns out I have a very high IQ and EQ… and those motoric skills cought up in my late teens 😉 (Im Dutch so don’t even correct me on my spelling and grammar haha)

        Im doing a lot better since I accepted that Im just a bit different and people will always think Im weird 😉 Ive just learnt to be weird in the fun way haha

        • Gigi Young

          This is often the case. There are many levels of intelligence and most of them lie outside of the traditional beliefs about the “gifted”.

  13. Sherry

    You totally plagiarized Isabel Hickey for a good amount of this article.

  14. Sherry

    I’m sorry. I read those sources you posted but I did not check them. Yes, she was given credit in the previous post you sourced. I have read her book several times over in the 17 yrs. I have had it, so the words were quite clear to me. Thanks and you may wish to include her as her work is quoted lavishly here. That way a new generation of readers can discover her as she has long since passed away.

  15. nanoo

    This design is steller! You obviously know how to keep a reader
    amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to
    start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Great job.
    I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!

  16. Johanneke

    I have at least 17! of these indicators in my birthchart……
    Im guessing that is quite a high score..???

  17. Joshua Miller

    This post came up in one of my astrology groups. Ironically, the most powerful and extremely psychic aspect in your own chart isn’t addessed here, Gigi. (Although you’ve made your birth information public, I won’t talk about it directly without explicit consent.) I’d like to point out what I believe to be a grave mistake made by your sources. Hard aspects (conjunction, opposition, square) seem to have been ignored or relegated as useless and possibly demented energy flow. This is far from the case! Easy aspects in a nativity often show talents and abilities that operate so naturally that they remain undeveloped. Difficult aspects (“afflictions”) can show an inner work and personal development necessary to gain some sense of balance. A square may be far more powerful and useful than a trine once conscious focus comes into play.

    • Gigi Young

      I agree with you. It would depend on the individuals will, ultimately. I tend to have the same line of thought as you though about squares and hard. aspects. How do you know my birth information? Just curious.

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  19. Hope

    where would you get a more in depth chart. Explaining the ascendant, north node. and the connections to these planets. Horoscope that indicates those configurations. Trines, conjunction to the ascendants, north node?

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